Crowdsourcing Challenge!

By the People, the Library’s crowdsourcing transcription project, is calling on volunteers to complete 1,000 pages from the “Suffrage: Women Fight for the Vote” campaign before Monday, August 19th. The speeches, diaries, and letters of suffragists reveal complex personalities and a multifaceted movement.  Here, Elizabeth A. Novara, a historian in the Library’s Manuscript Division, writes about some of the family and personal relationships that sustained … Continue reading Crowdsourcing Challenge!

Pic of the Week: Walt Whitman Birthday Edition

  Whitman autographed this photo by Alexander Gardner. Feinberg-Whitman Collection. Walter Whitman (no middle name, thanks) was born on this day in West Hills, on Long Island in New York. Somewhere out there in the cosmos he loved, the man’s spirit is now 200. The Library has the world’s largest collection of his books, manuscripts, prints, photographs and related material. You can spend ages exploring … Continue reading Pic of the Week: Walt Whitman Birthday Edition