Below is a list of policies that have been approved by President Cross during the last month:

Please find a detailed description of the approved policy revisions below:

SYS 362, University Administrative Support of Affiliated Organizations:

  • Establishes standards that help ensure relationships between System, UW institutions and Affiliated Organizations, including primary and real estate foundations are productive, efficient, and beneficial to the UW System or a UW institution.
  • Requires the UW System or institution to provide an annual accounting of administrative support when the total administrative support provided to the Affiliated Organizations is valued at $100,000 or greater. The policy provides an Excel worksheet to help with this accounting.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: The Vice President for Finance has extended the deadline by which this accounting is to be provided for this year. For this year only, the due date for institutions to submit the required accounting of administrative support provided to Affiliated Organizations is May 31st, 2019 not March 31st. This extension is reflected in the Foundation and Other Affiliated Organizations Cost-Benefit Report spreadsheet linked to in the policy.
  • Requires the UW System or UW institution to establish a written agreement with an Affiliated Organization within 6 months of that entity being identified by the UW System or UW institution as an Affiliated Organization that must report under this policy, if the Affiliated Organization receives annual administrative support valued at $100,000 or greater in a calendar year.

SYS 1000, Information Security Series:

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New University Administrative Support of Affiliated Organizations and Updated Information Security Series Policies Posted