One policy is included in the April UW System Administrative Policy (SYS) standard institutional policy distribution schedule:

April Institutional Review

SYS 410, Purchase & Payment of Business Air Travel – Deadline to review May 3

The effective and approval date of the policy is May XX, 2019.

Summary of Policy and Policy Revisions

  • SYS 410 provides direction for booking airfare to faculty, staff, students, and non-employees when traveling for university sponsored purposes. The policy was revised because the UW System has identified instances where the program cannot meet business needs or where greater flexibility is needed. Revisions include the following:
    • The addition of Section 6B: Exemptions to Policy, which details exemptions to the required reservations methods and/or use of contracts described in the policy.
    • The allowance of Economy Plus tickets for international flights with 8 hours or more of total flight time.
    • Smaller clean-up and/or clarification of policy wording.
    • Conversion into the standardized policy template, which includes moving language into the appropriate section of the template and consistent formatting.

Affected Areas on Campuses

  • The UW System Office of Financial Administration is responsible for communicating the policy to campuses.
  • The policy applies to faculty, staff, students, and non-employees traveling for university sponsored purposes.

Expectation of Campuses on UWSA Policy Reporting

  • Institutions are expected to follow this policy. However, SYS 405 allows certain exceptions to be granted by designated university officials when appropriate.

Additional Communication

  • All policy changes will be discussed at the institutional travel managers’ in-person meeting on May 21-22.

To view and comment on the policy, please click on the link above. Please submit your comments (which may include attachments such as word documents, PDFs, etc.) through the link above. Doing so ensures your feedback is captured and reviewed during the post-comment period.

Source: UW Policies
Revised Purchase & Payment of Business Air Travel Proposed