The University Personnel Systems (UPS) policies have been successfully integrated into the UW System Administrative (SYS) policy framework as the SYS 1200 series. This process resulted in no substantive changes to the policies, and they continue to apply to all UW institutions, other than UW-Madison. Future changes to the UPS policies will go through the regular SYS policy review process. Practice directives are housed on the UW System Office of Human Resources’ website and can be found here. Practice directives may have been UPS policies, appendices, or other tools intended to be used as a reference point informing practice at institutions. The UW System Office of Human Resources will update them periodically.

Please see the SYS 1200 And Practice Directives Policy References xlsx
for a table that demonstrates the new numbering scheme for the SYS 1200 series as it relates to the old UPS numbering. Blue indicates policies in the new 1200 series while gray indicates practice directives. Red indicates that either the policy was not published (GEN 27) or that it is in progress (WE 2/SYS 1291). The attachment also includes the links that must be used when replacing UPS references on websites/documents with SYS 1200 references. As a reminder, this needs to be done before July 15, 2020, as that is when the redirect expires. Please start updating policy numbers/references as soon as possible.

For more detailed information regarding the integration process, please see Chief Human Resources Officers UPS Update pdf



Source: UW Policies
UPS/SYS Integration – Now Live